'New (3)' shows no topics

(James Milligan) #1

Reported by a member of my test forum, possibly a duplicate of this

The home page shows three ‘new’ topics or posts, along with the value next to New, as shown below:

However, clicking on New doesn’t give you any topics to view.

I think this is because the new items are posts rather than topics, but why update New if it’s not going to show anything?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

No, the new indicator means the topics are in fact new.

I don’t think this is at all related to the other bug @cpradio.

We’ll need repro steps, I can attempt to repro on http://try.discourse.org but I suspect this is some timing issue or missed message on the message bus.

(cpradio) #4

Same screenshot, different numbers… how is it not related?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

This post has a screenshot of 3 topics with the “new” icon on them. It’s clear that the number should be there. The other post has just a picture of New (1) which could be anything – e.g. were there any new topics?

Here in this topic, it is quite clear that there were 3 new topics.

I’ll just delete the other one, this one is much more clear anyway.

(cpradio) #6

I’m okay with that, I really do think they are the same issue, this one as you states, gives a bit more information though :smile:

(James Milligan) #7

Well this is currently a non-Docker install whilst I trial Discourse with a small group of users, so I guess you’ll probably say that there’s not much you can do (FWIW everything “works”). I’ll try and stand up a local Docker install tomorrow in a VM and restore a backup to it to see if it carries across to there.

As for repro, I don’t know what steps to give as it was under another account, and I don’t know their activity as such, like what topics they viewed and so on. What you see above is how I saw it through their view in impersonation. I’ll see how it shows tomorrow, and will try and get some more details from the user.

Also @codinghorror I sent a PM to you re another thread, just wanted to give you a heads-up in case it gets lost in your inbox.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Yeah, we need a repro. Here’s me coming to the site with 1 new topic…

And when I click through on the New tab…

I have 2 new topics right now visiting meta and when I click on New, I see those 2 new topics as well.

(cpradio) #9

I’ve only been able to partially recreate this and it isn’t really an issue.

I middle click the topics that are new on the Latest tab (so they open in a new tab) and my original window remains in the same state (new next to the topic and the indicator at the top – for a while at least), but it fixes itself when I navigate to the New “listing”.

I think @sam mentioned (on a different similar topic) this may be related to redis hang/hiccup and/or a deployment in process while the person is navigating around… But I could be recalling that incorrectly.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

I think in this case the bug is that the New tab doesn’t “fix itself”, it sits there showing New (1) or New (2) and the new page is otherwise empty which can’t be correct.

Which makes me wonder, @sam should we just have a failsafe here? Where if the new page loads, and sees that there aren’t any actual new topics, clear the New counter definitively?

(James Milligan) #11

As far as I know, these topics are new in that they haven’t been read, as opposed to being read in another tab. I’ll double check tomorrow though.

(James Milligan) #12

So, I restored a backup to a Docker installation in a VM, and the issue is the same there, three or four topics that are labelled as new on the latest page, but the new page shows nothing.

The topics are all in our meta category.

Not sure what else is relevant for a repro here, let me know and I’ll happily pass it on!

(Jeff Atwood) #13

So this is related to restoring a backup? Can you cause it to happen on http://try.discourse.org via the UI?

(James Milligan) #14

Uh, not related to backups AFAIK. I just restored the backup to get the same data on my local install.

I’ll have a go tomorrow on try, but all I know is that the topics are created as normal, but not displayed for this user in new. I’ll try and get more info and update tomorrow.

(TechnoBear) #15

Just now, I viewed “New” in one tab, middle-clicked to open a topic in a second tab, and then used “Dismiss New” on the original tab.

After reading the topic, I closed the second tab and returned to the original one, which was showing New (1). However, there appear to be no new topics. Navigating away and back doesn’t clear it, Nor does visiting another topic in the same tab and then returning to “New”.

Edit: And, in fact, after posting this, g/n takes me to the “New” page, which is still showing as in my screenshot.

2nd Edit Fifteen minutes later, I return to “New” to find it’s showing two new topics, but there is only one - so the “imaginery” number is persisting.

Unread not updating after viewing site in another browser
(Sam Saffron) #16

I am pretty sure @eviltrout and myself fixed a lot of this.

flag to reopen if still an issue

(Sam Saffron) #17