New Categories Missing from /categories Page

(Brian Boatright) #1

Brand new install of Discourse v1.2.0.beta4 on Linode.

I created a new category “Manufacturers” with a slug of “manf”. After a few minutes, on another browser that has an annon user browsing the category will show up in the dropdowns but not on the /categories page.

Is there a setting to enable a category or sub-cat to be displayed on the Categories page?

I tried it again with “test” category and it had the same issue.

(Lowell Heddings) #2

Pretty sure that Categories page is cached for a long time, like 10 or 15 minutes or something. So you might need to wait a little longer, basically.

(Brian Boatright) #3

I thought that might be the case but two things. First it has been at least 30m since I actually made the initial categories and just now I changed Meta to “Help” and it’s color to green. It showed up immediately, within a few seconds of saving the changes.

(Kane York) #4

Did you ever refresh the second browser? That should fix any inconsistencies.

(Brian Boatright) #5


F5 and Shift-F5 in Firefox and I just opened it in IE and it has the same two categories as my last screen shot. There is something keeping the /categories page from grabbing the new ones.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I suspect you have not populated the category and thus it will not show up. Be sure to actually read the category edit dialog and the category definition topic…

(Brian Boatright) #7

I thought that as well but two things kept me from believing it was waiting for content or a new post.

First the missing category is showing up in the dropdowns at top left and in the tag bubble on the bottom of the menu.

Second it has a sticky post which I assumed would count as content/post for purposes of avoiding having a new category be completely empty upon its creation.

All of that said… when I created a New Topic in the missing category it immediately showed up in the /Categories page. :wink:

and now on to defending my ignorance.

[quote=“codinghorror, post:6, topic:23898, full:false”]
read the category edit dialog[/quote]

I went back and looked again at the Add New Category and Edit Category tabs. I am probably missing something obvious but I did not see any validation issues when I create or edit a category. And there is no help or other info suggesting I need to create a post in the new category before it will show up on the /Categories page.

[quote=“codinghorror, post:6, topic:23898, full:false”]category definition topic…[/quote] Is this a discussion here on meta or a help section within the discourse install that I missed?