New demo set up question/s

My demo sub-domain was just set up. I am trying to do the first sign on. It seems that because I am already signed into the system won’t let me use my regular email…because it “has already been taken” … by me. While I suppose I can use a secondary, personal email for the trial, that’s a bit of a hassle. Moreover, once the trial is over, I would still want my business email to be the active one for using discourse. Solution? Thx.

Try to do forgot password with your preferred address.

Hi Barbara,

Did you get an email with the subject “Your Discourse account at is ready”? It should have a link to activate your account. Check your spam folder too.

Yes, I received the email and link. Thx.

I am testing @pfaffman 's suggestion. I hope it works and doesn’t blow up my access here. Standby for an update.

Your account on meta has no effect on your trial site. I can see that you didn’t click the link which is associated with the email you signed up with (a .edu one). I don’t follow what you’re trying to do.

This site is separate from every other Discourse in the universe. Accounts here are not connected with any other Discourse accounts. Fear not.

It looks like I’m in. Thanks @neil. I am going through the initial 13 steps now.

@pfaffman When I entered my address, the system said it was already taken. I know other systems like Convio only allow single addresses system-wide, hence my initial question. No fear.