New install is extremely slow

Hi Guys,

Following the success of our customer community, we are now setting up an environment for our internal staff. We have followed the same install process that of the customer community but the page load times seem to be super slow,

Could anyone help us understand what could be causing this?

Where did you do the installation? How much ram do you have? Is there swap? Is the storage on ssd? What’s the cpu speed?

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The site seems pretty fast to me (in the UK). Maybe there is a network connectivity issue between you and the server. Or maybe some background processing jobs have now finished processing.


Are you hosting the servers in the same place?

The first time I loaded that link it took a long time to load, on subsequent visits it is quite fast, at least the main screen is.

Fast for me (on the first page load as well)

Hi @rorycb, both sites are hosted in the same place, both with AWS,

Its just very strange that they have been both set up in the same way, in the same place, yet one is very slow.

You could have noisy neighbors on the slow site that degrade the performance. You could try some cpu and io benchmarks or just spin up a new instance for the site that you think is slow.


As @pfaffman noted noisy neighbours are likely your issue. I’ve had this issue a couple times on Digital Ocean as well - luck of the draw as to who is sharing your resources in the cloud