New JSON Feed and Discourse

(Steve) #1

Continuing the discussion from JSON API for Recent Popular Topics (Similar to the Email Digest):

Some of the tech blogs I read like Daring Fireball are raving about the new JSON Feed. I can’t say that I truly understand what is capable here, but it would be cool to pull some topics out of Discourse based on a tag, user, or category and format it for a website. For example, I’m about to post every Monday for the next 12 weeks on a particular topic. I would love for those 12 topics to appear on a well formatted page.

I haven’t dug into the Discourse JSON feed other than clicking on this link.

Has anyone else seen the new JSON Feed and thought about how we might be able to leverage this new tool?

(Matt Palmer) #2

It’s RSS, but JSON. Use it much the same way as you would the Discourse RSS feeds.