New member Hello, need help with board view settings

Hello all

I commonly come here and search for answers but this question seemed difficult to phrase,

here go’s

How can I set topics from a sub category to not show up in the parent category?

For instance, here a post was placed in Motorcycles, a sub board, and I can read it in the parent board Hobbies and habits

My concern is people will simply post in the parent category and not use the sub catergory

So is there a setting I’ve not been able to find to keep these from being visible until the reader is in the child board?

Thank you


You can’t hide the sub category topics from appearing in the parent category list, though you can stop them appearing under Latest.

However, if you want to stop your users posting to the category and to make it so they ONLY post to a sub-category, you could change the security settings of the parent category so everyone can see & read, but not post to that category. You could allow certain users (admins, higher trust levels, or key group members) to have the right to post here so it has some special content

Would that solve your issue?

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I’ll attempt to work that, many boards are new and things aren’t sorted from old boards but if thats whats available then thats what I’ll work with.

Thank you very much for your reply.

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