New site - when to start Discourse blog comments & forums?

(Nikolas) #1

People say that you should do 2 things before starting a forum.

  1. Wait until you have X visitors per day on your site/blog
  2. Wait until you have regular comments on you site/blog

Since Discourse combines site/blog comments with the forums, the above equation is difficult. I can’t have comments without launching Discourse first. If I allow normal WP comments at first, they’ll vanish when I launch Discourse. If I launch Discourse right away, the forums will feel empty with no users. Plus it might be a hurdle to be asked to register on empty forums to comment on the site/blog.

So, which option is the best?

  1. Don’t allow WP comments, don’t launch Discourse until you have X visitors/day
  2. Allow WP comments, but don’t launch Discourse until you have X visitors/day
  3. Launch Discourse right away

(PJH) #2

If you intend to use DC in the long term, wouldn’t it be simpler and easier to simply go with #3?

Gets it over and done with etc. You could always change the settings to you get the equivalent of #1 (not allowing comments) if that’s what you want to do.

#2 sounds like a pain to me, especially if you intend to move WP comments over to your shiny new DC installation 12 months down the line to provide any sort of continuity.

(Rikki Tooley) #3

You could set it up so that comments work in Discourse but the forum itself is not linked from your blog page, like on . A kind of soft launch for the forum. Then later on, you can add other categories, do marketing, etc and launch the forum “for real”

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes that is what I also recommend, specifics at