New to Discourse and question about categories


I am new to Discourse and question about categories. Lets say I have a main topic category, then is has a sub category, how do I make a subcategory to the sub category?

People in my community will like to see that as an option for structure, ordering, etc.

(Lisa Wess) #2

You can’t. Categories go only one level deep in Discourse. You can use Tagging as another organization method if that might help.


So if I have Topic1, and Then Subtopic1, I need to make PrivateTopic1 and then tag it in Subtopic1 to have them interlinked? lol confusing sounding, i am trying not to be. lol


You can’t create a sub category in subcategory


How are other communities running forums then? Just create a sub category hidden to a special guild/team user group and only that user group and admins can see it type deal?

(Régis Hanol) #6

What are you trying to achieve?


I am trying to have a main topic, lets say its Discourse General, then sub categories are Discourse Forums, Discourse Team, Discourse Telecomm. Lets say the people that take part of the Discourse Telecomm sub category, wants to have a category that only their members can see, I need that to happen.

I am used to vbulletin, phpbb, xenforo, but this is much better but I want to see how to achieve it the best way

(Régis Hanol) #8

Well, as @lisajill said, Discourse only supports 1 level of category > subcategory. You either have to flatten your category hierarchy or use tags.


Would you think that a good work around would be to create a new sub category and have the said category only viewable to that said security group? so only they and admins can view that category? I think that would work, right?

(Dean Taylor) #10

In Discourse you can set permissions on a per-category basis:

  1. create a “Group”
  2. add the “Users” to that “Group” you want to allow access
  3. edit the “Security” for the “Category”
  4. add the “Group” to the Category Security
  5. remove permissions for the groups you don’t want to have access.

This kind of security control doesn’t exist at the “tag” level - so you’ll need to start thinking about your security in terms of Categories.

One exception is Staff, Admin and Moderators they have additional security permissions which go beyond Category permissions.