"New Topic" buttons

(Glen Little) #1

The “+ New Topic” button is used in two locations with two different meanings.

The main one makes sense, because when I click it, I get to start a new topic and type in the content. However, in the area where I’m working on the new topic, there is another button called “+ New Topic”. If it worked the same way that the first button worked, then I would get a new blank area when I click it, so I hesitate to click it, though I know it is probably the “Save” button.

I suggest that the second “+ New Topic” be changed to “Save” or “Save New Topic” or “Start Topic”.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why no similar objection for Reply, Reply?

(Glen Little) #3

Good point… But I think “Reply” is slightly different.

When I see that, I expect to be able to type, and that’s what I get. And after typing, it is not unusual to hit “Reply” to send off my reply.

But seeing “+ New Topic” is like seeing “New Topic…” and I’d expect something more to happen when I click it. The first time, that’s perfect, but the second is confusing - what else might happen?

Of course, after using that UI for awhile, you will get used to it. But for new users, it is awkward.

(cpradio) #4

Isn’t this a duplicate of the following?

(Daniel) #5

Or, Create Topic/Thread?

(Joseph Pullan) #6

I just use CSS to make it say: ‘Post New Topic’, and ‘Post Reply’

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