New topic doesn't fit on small mobile devices

(Lars) #1

On the latest here. Some of my users are reporting that the layout of the reply on mobile is a bit messed up:

I asked if they have tried clearing their cache - Awaiting answers, but I thought I’d report this anyway, since more than one is experiencing this…

(Lars) #2

This might be a “two-off” - other seem to be OK, although they have a much higher resolution than at least one of the bugged out ones (which uses 480x854?!)

EDIT: Clearing cache didn’t work. Could it be the low resolution?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Tough because we don’t have much space to work with there, especially on create new topic which has the additional title and category fields. One thing they should immediately do is hide the toolbar using the hamburger button, like so:


cc @awesomerobot as background to previous discussions

(Lars) #4

Thanks, I will relay the message!