"New Topic" doesn't show all categories due to Uncategorized changes

(Eddie Salce) #1

Hello everyone,

First time poster here. I’m having problems with discourse when users create new topics. The categories do not properly populate the category drop down. It only shows 2 categories (see image)

I’ve been having this issue for some time, and I’m not sure how to fix it. I have full admin rights, so any fix would be useful here. I have to manually recategorized topics in the time being which is a pain. Help!

Thank you everyone in advance.

(cpradio) #2

Do you have any plugins installed? If so which ones?
Do you see any errors in the Dev Tools Window (press F12, then start to create a topic)?

It sort of looks like you have Uncategorized typed in the box, as if it is filtering the list, is that truly the case?

(Eddie Salce) #3


No, I’m not Filtering the list. That’s how it’s currently displayed when creating a new topic. Under Developer tools I get the following warning message.

'webkitIndexedDB' is deprecated. Please use 'indexedDB' instead

As far as plugins are concerned, the only thing I know for sure that we have running in the background is Sidekiq

(cpradio) #4

Do the other categories have a topic in them or have their description topic updated with a “real description”?

(Eddie Salce) #5

Yep. I have sub categories in each, along with descriptions. Is there anything I should be looking at within the settings?

(Eddie Salce) #6

Not sure what you mean by “real-description”

(cpradio) #7

Each category creates a topic by default, that topic is used to hold the description of the category. Until that topic is edited or a separate topic is created in that category, the category is hidden from drop down menus and various other UI locations.

But based on your latest screenshot, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

(Eddie Salce) #8

Yeah, our descriptions have been updated, and various topics have been made. Is there anything else I should look at at to remedy the issue?

(cpradio) #9

I have no idea. I can’t think of a single site setting that would cause that behavior especially for an Admin. The only logical explanation is a plugin interferring but if you don’t have any installed… then that rules that out.

(Eddie Salce) #10

(I’m going to break up my post since I only can post a single screen shot.

So, a little more tinkering lead me to something weird going on with my “Uncategorized” category. See the below screenshot.

(Eddie Salce) #11

In the Category drop down, it shows Uncategorized correctly, but if you go into the Categories sections, it shows as “No Category”

(Eddie Salce) #12

I found that kinda weird so I proceeded to enter the “No Category” category and got the following error message, as if I didn’t have permissions.

(Eddie Salce) #13

This is weird because theres obviously topics inside of that category. I refreshed the main page and now the “No Category” is showing the drop down (weird)

(Eddie Salce) #14

Oddly enough, if I create a New Topic now, it shows all the categories

But If I refresh the page, it will go back to “Uncategorized” so something funky is going on with the “No Category” category.

Sorry for the multiple posts, but it would only let me post a single image, @cpradio

(Mittineague) #15

I wouldn’t rule out plugins being involved quite yet.

There seems to be some misunderstanding. i.e. “sidekiq” is not a plugin.

And Discourse ships with a few plugins, so it seems those would have been listed even if there were no “unofficial” plugins installed.

Check under the Admin Plugins tab.

(cpradio) #16

No worries, but I think you’ve given me the biggest hint.

It really isn’t advised to rename/alter the uncategorized category that way. Or to even give Uncategorized sub-categories (if you did that or if it is even possible)

Instead it is recommended to create a new set of categories, and disable uncategorized in the admin > settings area.

Unfortunately, that means you’d have to either 1) rename Uncategorized back to Uncategorized and hope nothing behind the scenes is remembering that alteration or holding on to it and then create a new category with sub-categories and move the topics over :frowning:, 2) hope that there is an easy explanation for this that can be fixed via code, but given uncateogized and its past history, I wouldn’t hold much hope for this one.

(Eddie Salce) #17

How do I disable uncategorized in the admin > settings ? It is the option that says “allow uncategorized topics” ?

Also, how can I rename No Category back to Uncategorized if it won’t let me access that category page?

Thanks for all the help

(Mittineague) #18

Ah yes, horror vacui strikes again.

I used to think the edit dialog for Uncategorized could benefit from better warning messages eg. Do not repurpose, Do not rename etc.

But because such problems occur so often I’m beginning to think it would be best if Discourse removed the Uncategorized category from edit completely.

(cpradio) #19


Try doing this:

ssh into your machine

./launcher enter app
rails c
c = Category.find_by(name: 'No Category')
c.name = 'Uncategorized'

Then press CTRL + C to exit the rails console and type exit to leave docker