New topic link when not logged

I found the direct link /new-topic?category= really useful but it has two problem when not logged:

  • It redirects to the main page instead of the category so if the user close to login popup he is lost (I think it redirects to the category only after the login - New Topic URL - Lost if not logged in )

  • It doesn’t explain why the login popup. Maybe a subtitle like “You need to login to create a new post” could be added.

How are you presenting the new topic with prefilled category?

The anon class is applied for logged out users, you can use that combined with the content property to denote that login is required.

Alternatively, you can hide such links until users are logged in using the same class.

The original idea was to have a “Get help” on the main website that goes to the discourse directly in the help category, with the form pre-filled.

For logged uses it works perfectly.

But for not logged users, they arrived in the home, with a popup asking them to login, without explaining why. If they close it they are not in the help category. And they don’t have the option to browse the help category before login to post a question.

The alternative I’m trying it a pinned post in the help category that contains a new topic link, and the link in the main page goes to the topic directly.