New topics count showing for non-existent data/topics?

The “New” topics count at the top of my page has started acting up in the last few days showing a count (of 29), even when I am all up to date with viewing topics. Also, when I click on it, says there a no new topics. If I refresh the page the “New” counter goes away - and then after about a minute it reappears again with the same count. The behavior occurs in Chrome and Safari.

I have just started a dockerized Discourse site for a small community I live in. The site has been up for about 5 days and this has started happening in the last couple of days. The “New” count of 29 is also more topics than are actually in existence, but I suppose may include some older deleted test topics I had created initially.

I’m running the latest stable release v2.1.6.

Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated!


Hard to guess what is happening, is there an RSS feed at play creating topics, do you have a lot of scheduled shared drafts ?

Thank you for replying!

No RSS feeds have been configured or touched, and even though the “New” topics counter does show a number of topics to be viewed, clicking on it says there are no topics, and as mentioned refreshing the page will make them go away only to reappear within about a minute or less.

The site is invite only and not viewable by the public, and I haven’t done much customization or configuration to the site. The issue seems to be happening for all users.

Another thing I just noticed is that it when the site auto-refreshes and the (non-existent) “New” topics count shows, on the next auto-refresh the pages comes back with the CSS all broken (404s for CSS content), and then refreshing the page manually in the browser fixes that too. Console error in chrome shows “Refused to apply style from ‘’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled.”.


Safari shows the following:

I have Nginx sitting in front of the site but I don’t believe I touched that configuration beyond the initial set up and these issues started a few days after the site was all up and running. I’ve tried rebuilding the docker app and changing themes to no effect.

I’ll try and dig a little deeper this weekend when I have a bit more time.

I think I know what was probably the underlying cause. After the site had been up and running for a few days I reconfigured the application to use “stable” releases and rebuilt the container. So it was likely running on an out of sync schema.

I noted this after I completely blew away the discourse docker set up (including DB data) and then recloned the docker repo, recreated the app and then went to restore last nights backup. Even though both sites were running stable 2.1.6, the new site wouldn’t allow me to restore the backup (due to the schema being newer than current stable version). I was able to restore to the brand new site once I rebuilt it to use test branch.

My next question - is there a safe way to revert to stable version and still keep current site data that’s running on a test version schema? Do I wait for the stable version to catch up to my test version before attempting (ie v2.2.0)?

No you can never roll backwards. You would need to wait until stable catches up and upgrade to that.

Running stable is rarely advisable though. Tests-passed is used by the majority and will always get you the quickest assistance here.


Ok - good to know, thank you for the reply.