New topics get unread counts after using back button

(probus) #1

Continuing the discussion from Post shows wrong unread old and unread markers:

I believe this happens after

  1. the notification for new or updated topics comes up
  2. I open a topic with unread posts
  3. I use the back button to get back to the topic list

    Notice the topic on top of the sticky topic (the one that’s new or updated) gets the count and the one below it doesn’t.

(Sam Saffron) #2

This is pretty much a dupe of

@eviltrout will be looking at it today

(Robin Ward) #3

I’ve deployed a fix for the other issue. Should help here too.

(probus) #4

The same problem continues here in meta.

(Robin Ward) #7

I’ve tried a bunch of times and can’t quite reproduce this myself. Can you give even more detailed steps?

(probus) #8
  1. Open the topic list (latest)
  2. Wait until you get notification about multiple new/updated topics
  3. Open any of them
  4. Use the back button to get back to topic list
  5. Observe the bug

Works at least in firefox/osx, just tried again.

The numbers seem to be indicating the amount of new posts in the updated topics, since the number is always smaller than the total number of posts of the topic.

(Sam Saffron) #9