New topics not showing up in 'new' list

(Emily Malkin) #1


We’ve had a customer report that the ‘new’ tab isn’t showing any posts when the running list of ‘latest’ topics has a number of topics she hasn’t read, marked as ‘new’ in that view.

Any idea why this is happening? See image.


(Dave McClure) #2

Only the topics with the ‘new’ badge should show up in the New tab. In your screenshot, that’d be 5 of the topics showing (for you).

A topic is considered new using criteria set in each user’s preferences:

Have this user check their preferences and set that option to something they prefer based on their intended usage of your forum.

(Emily Malkin) #3

Will try that! Thanks

(cpradio) #4

Also have the user check their Muted categories, as that would affect it as well.