New users having restricted access after upgrade to v1.9.0

(Ted Strauss) #1

I recently upgraded Discourse to version 1.9.0.
I had some new users who were unable to post replies to topics, or their posts needed to be approved. I don’t want my users to have any restrictions on posting.
Is this related to the upgrade?
Is there anything I can do to ensure that all current and new users will be able to post?

(Felix Freiberger) #2

There are many reasons why posts can require approval, although I don’t think anything changed recently here.

A typical gotcha is new users pasting their posts into Discourse instead of typing them, which is really suspicious behavior. This check can be configured with the site setting min first post typing time :slight_smile:

New users and link posting
(Mittineague) #3

IMHO, more often than “typical”. If I filter Logs by Action: block user and Staff User: system all I see in the list under Context is

blocked_by_staff: ‘Account blocked’ New user typed too fast

(Ted Strauss) #4

Ok, I have found one instance of this in the logs! Good call.

Another user said he couldn’t post, but I’m going to guess there was some human factors there.

(Mittineague) #5

If you’re running Akismet maybe it was a false positive that got released? AFAIK, actions by Akismet don’t get included in the Admin Logs.

Posts that get caught by Akismet appear to be in the Logs as Action: delete topic and Staff User: system