New Users not receiving activation email

Hi everyone,

I am the inheritor of a Discourse channel and we have noticed that new users are not joining the platform and think it is due to them not receiving the invite/activation email.

When I have located where to approve them (Admin>Users>New) and manually activate the users does not get an email to activate, nor can they log in.

This came to our attention when we tried to add a new staff member to the platform and they were not receiving any emails.

Any help in rectifying will be great as we also have 9 days worth of new users that we cannot approve (these also have not appeared as the normal notification to moderators that take you through to the “user awaiting approval” page.




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Hi Craig,

Please don’t tag people, assistance here in #support is on a best-effort basis.

Could you take a look at ‘Emails’ in your admin pages to check how email is currently configured?


It sounds like whatever your email provider is may have stopped working for some reason. You should have a look at Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install. If this is an emergency that you want to resolve with money, feel free to contact me.


@pfaffman @Stephen Thank you both. We had an issue with our Gmail where it blocked our stock email. however, we have noticed that our discourse channel jumped from 8 - 10 emails an hour, to then 20,000 then 100,000. This caused gmail to block it.

We rebuilt the discourse channel yesterday, and it temporarily fixed it, but jumped to 50,000 within a few minutes.

Any reasons / troubleshooting as to why it is behaving this way?

How many users do you have? How many posts? Is mailing list mode enabled? What about summary email settings?

Let me check on them. I have another issue, when our email service was not working, we tried to make a developer admin, whoever it could not be verified. Since our emails are working right now (fingers crossed it stays working) we cannot push another email or push this to make them admin, any ideas?

I think that you can have it send another email. You can also search for how to make someone an admin from the command line.