Newly created unlisted topic is sent out via email

(Gustavo Niemeyer) #1

Hello all,

As of 1.9.0.beta5, if one creates an unlisted topic (flag used during creation), everybody that asked to receive notifications via email (mailing list mode, at least) will get notified about the created topic.

Is that desired behavior? It’s surprising in practice at least, as there isn’t much of a difference between it being listed in the web UI or it being listed in everybody’s email clients.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

The unlisted topic toggle in the composer was added to prevent notifications from being triggered and thus sending emails. Mailing list mode doesn’t rely on notifications, so it’s possible this was missed.

If you create a topic, unlist it, and then reply, do your mailing list mode users receive the reply as an email?

(Gustavo Niemeyer) #3

We went through that, and it does send the reply out as well, even without the user receiving the message having participated in the unlisted conversation in any way.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Thanks for following up. Seems you’ve found a legitimate bug.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Unlisted does not mean “you will never be notified about this”, it simply means “not visible unless you have the URL”. So the complaint about notifications on reply to an unlisted topic isn’t valid.

However I agree that when a topic is created unlisted, we should check for that state. That is a very rare and unusual state for a topic to be in, however, so this is quite low priority.

(Gustavo Niemeyer) #6

Not sure about which complaint about notifications on reply you mean there. I’ve simply performed the test Joshua has requested, which apparently checks for that same bug you agreed exists.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

Jeff was just reiterating that unlisting a topic is not intended for use when you need to be certain that it remains secure. It’s a common discussion topic about how “secure” unlisting is, and the official answer is it’s not intended to be secure. Use a restricted category or personal message when you want to be 100% certain nothing leaks out.

Not certain what your use case is here for unlisting topics, but if your goal is to draft something and then eventually make it listed, you should look into a restricted category and the “schedule publishing” timer.

(Gustavo Niemeyer) #8

He actually specifically talked about a complaint about notifications on reply, and I simply explained there was no such complaint above.

I realize “unlisted” means “not listed”, and the bug reported above is simply about the fact these messages are being sent out via email and end up listed in people’s inboxes.

I also realize I may simply not use the feature, but thanks for the reminder anyway.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

I recommend not creating new topics as unlisted as a regular thing, since that is an unusual scenario and it will clash with mailing list mode. (I agree this is a bug in that specific case though.)

It is generally better to create topics in a private category, then switch category – is there any specific reason you are going with new unlisted in this case?

(Gustavo Niemeyer) #10

No, that alternative is fine. Just as a data point, the specific case was a topic that I was writing and wanted to send a few people before listing it in the forum. It wasn’t private, and it could easily use a different workflow.