Ning vs Discourse


Has somebody put together a comparison between Ning and Discourse? Discourse is clearly a more polished product, but what about the rest? Anybody that had experience on both platform that could shed some light?


I’d be very wary of moving to Ning. There is a pretty big shift away from it onto other platforms, which calls into question the future of the company. They’ve made some questionable support decisions in the past as well.


Agreed. But I was wondering if some of the stuff Ning claims to provide can be easily done in Discourse too? For instance, if I were to build a community for Tableau users and would like them to be able to build portfolios of their dashboards, maybe even going so far as allowing them to have blogs (sort of like cardboard), how would I go about it? Rails app? Discourse plugin? Other?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

You’d probably want to build features like that on top of Discourse, either as Discourse plugins, integrations or as separate apps.

Most “all-in-one” packages tend to be overkill. Giving users their own blog, gallery, timeline etc. sounds great on paper, but in practice you tend to end up with a lot of low quality content.

I’d say the main difference between Discourse and Ning is that while Ning tries to be the one-stop-shop for all your community needs, Discourse merely wants to be the backbone of your community, rather than the frontpage of it. All that other stuff surrounding your thing - be it a product, a common interest or a shared mission - is best built with a carefully selected assortment of tools best suited for the job.