No longer able to manually award automatic badges

Up until a couple days ago, I was able to award manual badges even when they were setup to be awarded automatically (“updated daily”). This was helpful because some users wanted to get them sooner and I was happy to oblige. I am just curious if something was included in one of the recent updates that no longer allows for this?

Can you explain what has changed or what error you’re getting?

I am no longer able to manually award automatic badges. I used to be able to do this.

Yep, got that.

I’m asking for details. Can you explain your process and detail what has changed?

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We had setup a badge query to automatically award a badge called “Formative Learner” for users who viewed 10 topics. Up until a day ago, I was able to manually award the badge when a user wanted me to award it immediately. Now I no longer am able to do that because the badge doesn’t show up in the menu when I go to “Admin” page for the user and click on “Edit Badge”. I am curious why it’s no longer showing up in the list (it hasn’t been awarded to the user yet).

@HAWK I’m also unable to award badges that are normally awarded automatically such as the New User of the Month (since we would prefer to have it admin chosen). The solution is to provide a DB query to make it look like an automatic badge has been awarded or to enable the Award Badge button for all badges