NO notification or PM to user when TL is demoted


I had a user demoted from TL3 to TL2 and he mentioned not receiving a notification or PM about the demotion. Is this by design, and if so, are there any plans to add a PM or notification about the demotion, maybe even specifying which of the requirements dipped below the necessary levels?

Running v1.8.8


(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, because this would trigger loss aversion behaviors in people. The idea is that people who naturally participate over time keep tl3, and those that wander away over time, do not keep tl3.

We have talked about a congrats pm when people reach tl3 which I think would have better positive effects.

User notified of post that gets deleted?

I can appreciate that. In this particular user’s case, the demotion was due to a single thing, accumulation of flags for offensive posts. All other requirements were above the requirements by a considerable amount. This user is one of the most active users and a long standing member (5+ years) but the member tends to be blunt and overly aggressive in delivering knowledge and experiences. That rubs many users the wrong way, hence the flags.

The congrats PM is a great idea.

(Paula Kreuzer) #4

If you think that more than 5 flags shouldn’t keep a user from being a “regular” and admin can change that in regular_requires_max_flagged.