No share button on Chrome used by Discourse

I am using the Discourse Android app and I see that it uses Google Chrome custom tabs to render web content. Unlike the regular Google Chrome for Android or Google Chrome custom tabs for Android, this version does not show the share button. I’m stuck at inability to share any web page I read from Discourse for Android.

Am I making sense here?

Tap or click the timestamp at the upper right of each post. Or copy the address bar out of the browser via copy paste at any time.

No, I’m talking about the Chrome custom tabs used for Discourse Android app. Look at these images. No URL copy button as available on Google Chrome in general.

Ah, never mind. I just found a workaround. Clicking on the ‘i’ button and then a long-press on the URL at the top helps copy it. Not an ideal solution though. Needs to be available as a menu option on the custom tabs used by Discourse Android app.

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What about the share button on every post, on the right of the like button?

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To be more clear, I’m not really looking at sharing only Discourse topics. There are times when I open a website like from a certain Discourse, and I’m not able to share such links. Say, there’s a Github link that’s added to a text on a Discourse topic. When I want to share that Github link using the share option available on the Google Chrome custom tabs used by the Discourse Android app, it’s not possible.

To share a topic press the share button on the first post in the topic.

Long pressing on the URL at the top of the tab works for every page.


Yes, but I’m not talking only about Discourse links.

Yes. I also hope you read my other posts and got the larger point.

So I opened the iOS Discourse app, came to Meta and then clicked a link to an external site.

Tapping on the title as suggested by @gerhard gives me the ability to copy the URL. Does the Android app differ from this behaviour?


This is the same as the feature on Android. But, why don’t the Discourse apps have a “Share” menu button is my question.

Was it?

I thought it was that ^

But it sounds like you can share links from the app, it works, just not in the way you want it to.