Non-customized home view shows up occasionally on Firefox (latest)

(ljpp) #1

My site runs on Discourse beta branch (1.5 beta 7+133 as of today) and we use the @sam’s Minimal Theme, plus bit of CSS tweaking of our own on top of it.

I just received a user report that the non-customized default view (Latest) can be occasianlly seen on Firefox. As I mainly use Chrome I decided to give Firefox a spin.

And voila - after some 5-10 minutes of surfing on the site, I am presented with a home/Latest view with non customized columns. Refreshing the browser caused it to revert back to customized view. It is possible that I have used Firefox on the site prior and after applying the customization and this sounds hell of a lot like a caching issue. Also its worth mentioning that I do use CloudFlare.

I have not seen this on Chrome, which I use to spend hours on the site every day. Anyone seen similar?

(Sam Saffron) #2

This is most likely the reason. Recommend you clear the cache there.

(ljpp) #3
  • CloudFlare cache purged.
  • Firefox cache cleared, browser refreshed

Issue still occurs randomly.

This is a weird case. First of all, it seems to be Firefox specific, which is odd if this would be CloudFlare related. Also this only seems to impact the modifications of Sam’s Minimal theme - there are no reports of our CSS visual patches randomly disappearing. First reports came in after upgrading to 1.5 beta branch, and applying the Minimal customizations.