Non-image uploads don't use CDN URL

Possibly related to: S3 CDN URL ignored when uploading into posts

Hi everyone!

We’ve ran into an issue uploading videos (.mp4), a file extension that needs to be allowed manually, while setting up a CDN. Images work well, after they’re cooked and the post refreshes, it uses the CDN URL.

Our setup includes uploading all assets to Amazon’s S3 and having them served by Cloudfront. With videos this is particularly troublesome, due the the bandwidth required to serve them, it’s unwise to do it directly from S3.

Am I missing something? I’ve reproduced it in two different instances.

Thanks in advance!

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Try uploading a small mp4 file here in a reply, do you see the same behavior?

Thanks, Jeff!

Seems to work correctly here:

Is this affected by a setting I’m missing? Just double checked on my instance, same video, different behavior (no Cloudfront URL).

These are my S3 settings:

Appreciate the help, thanks!

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