Noob question: Can someone point me toward SEO resources for a discourse forum?


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Is there a page or an article on that explain the need-to-know basics of how to get my discourse forum to appear in search engines?

I’d be grateful for the direction, and any help. Just point, so I can research!

Thank you


Do not worry about SEO.

If you have Discourse, just worry about giving your community members an outstanding experience.

As long as your community has fresh content, good discussions, and people willing to participate, your community will get better and better thanks to Discourse.

Just that…

Relax please!

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Cool. :smiley:



@SidV makes a good point – you don’t need to do anything special but if you want to track what is happening you can see crawler stats on your admin dashboard

and you can monitor your stats at a more granular level by ensuring that you have your Google Analytics tracking code associated with your Discourse instance

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I do have one more question. Do the little tags that go under the title header when you create a new thread have anything to do with SEO? Or are they exclusively a feature that helps query from within the forum itself?

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Nothing about tags is intentionally for SEO. As you said they’re intended to be a feature internally for organization.

Tags have many different uses across different communities. Here at Meta we use some tags (like #sso, #markdown, #onebox) to denote that the topic is related to a certain feature, regardless of the category the topic is in. Other tags (like #planned and #pr-welcome) are used by the team to denote that the topic has a certain status. On another site I frequent tags are used to denote what stage of the bug report process a topic is in (reported, acknowledged, fix-in-progress).


this is entirely true. less than a month in and we’ve gotten a ton of organic traffic, based entirely on the quality conversations the community is generating. i couldn’t be more happy with the out-of-the-box seo quality.



i just checked and it appears that most of our traffic is through organic! that’s kind of insane, btw. like… over 50% of the total traffic is coming from organic…!!!

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Still following your guy’s responses :smiley: Thanks so much for the additional info everyone!