Not able to change category if I start a new topic from a specific category

(Alex Armstrong) #1

If I start a “New Topic” in a specific category, I can only select that category:

The only way to be able to choose any category is to start a topic from the latest page where all categories are available:

I can’t replicate this behavior on Meta, so it’s definitely a bug.

To choose categories is locked when browsing, bug?
(Régis Hanol) #2

How is it a bug if you can’t replicate it here? :expressionless:

(Alex Armstrong) #3

Well, because it’s happening, no? :smiley:

So clearly my Discourse is configured in some way that triggers the bug. I was wondering if it has to do with private categories. But it seems to turn up in all categories.


(Régis Hanol) #4

It’s hard for us to help you out unless we can reproduce the issue :wink:

  • Are you on the latest beta version?
  • Do you have any plugins installed?
  • Are they any errors in the JavaScript console of your browser?

(Alex Armstrong) #5

I’m on v1.6.0.beta10. There were no JavaScript errors in Chrome.

I do have plugins, but they’re pretty common ones:

The only unknown quantity here is “Watch Category” but it doesn’t do anything relevant. To make sure, I confirmed that the issue also appears on my local Vagrant server (also on v1.6.0.beta10). I removed all plugins and confirmed that issue remains. (I didn’t want to try this in my production server :slight_smile: )

Another interesting point. From a sub-category I can select the parent category and other sub-categories from the same parent:

Sorry for the thin initial report. I’m a bit buried with work and I posted too eagerly.

(Sam Saffron) #6

Are there site settings in play that are related, like disabling uncategorized?

(Alex Armstrong) #7

Uncategorized was disabled. Turning it on (in my local Vagrant) allows me to select it, but everything else is the same:

Any other setting I should look into?

(Daniela) #8

The same for me, if I choose a category I cannot choose another category (only sub-categories or uncaregorized).

From what I remember it always has been.

(Sam Saffron) #9

I am wishing we never allowed people to “disable uncategorized” its a pointless feature we really should remove.

(Daniela) #10

In my case I never disabled “uncategorized” but I translated the name in italian some beta ago, when the option to change name was on admin settings (before the ability to change text from Customize > Text content).

(Alex Armstrong) #11

Just to be clear: in my case, the “uncategorized” setting has no impact on the issue I posted about. I can only select the current category or, in the case of sub-categories, its parents and siblings as well. Plus (if enabled) uncategorized.

(Alex Armstrong) #12

Any movement on this? @Trash are you able to suggest how to replicate it as @zogstrip had asked? I’m not sure what other information I can provide.

(Alex Armstrong) #13

This bug is still on going in v1.7.0.beta6. From within a category we can only start a topic in the current category:

(You’ll have to take my word that we have a lot more categories than just “General” :smiley:)

(Jeff Atwood) #14

I cannot repro this here on meta so I don’t see a bug.

(Alex Armstrong) #15

Hmm. Is there anything that I could do that would help us along? How can I troubleshoot this in a way that gives you useful information?

(Alex Armstrong) #16

I still have this bug on the latest version of Discourse. It’s pretty frustrating. @Dax, did you ever find a solution?

Any suggestions about how to troubleshoot it?


Well, this seems to be intended behaviour. If a category has subcategories, and is set to list its subcategories on the category view (whether boxes or rows), then the category chooser on the category view is limited to the parent category and its children and #uncategorized.

When creating a topic from the specific category, is there a way to only show that parents child categories?
(Alex Armstrong) #18

Huh! Interesting.

I can confirm that this “bug” is also present on Meta now. But, as recently as a year ago, this wasn’t the case.

So is this a bug? Maybe it’s just an irritating feature :blush:

"Search..." (for categories) should not be visible in some circumstances