Not able to edit user profiles (as admin or moderator) from admin page


As admin or moderator I don’t seem to be able to edit most profile settings for a normal user (like change its email address, reset its password, edit custom profile fields, change its avatar etc.).

Am I missing something or it this by design?

Deactivating a user prevents the Admin from seeing its settings
Can't seem to edit email of newly registered user

Mmm… found it.
So from /admin/users/USER_NAME
I have to click ‘Show Public Profile’ and then the ‘Preferences’ on their user card.
Why don’t we have full editing from /admin/users/ ?

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I asked the same question here.

I think it’s just a matter of time/priority? I know I have a job of fixing up 50 users in a forum which is going live Monday and wish I could see all this from Admin .