Not able to send emails - board offline until I can fix

So I’ve set up my SMTP server through mail-gun, followed all the steps, and configured the user/pw info in my app.yml.

When users register, sometimes they get the email. When I register, it comes through. Now, when I try to send someone an admin link, they don’t get anything. When they try to reset their password, they don’t get anything.

So am I missing something?

According to mailgun:

My emails are being delivered…
But I go check, nothing there.

I can’t open my site up like this :frowning:

Check logs in mailgun.
Shared server, possibly most email recipients are being aut. Routed to spam.

Same problem here, till you setup DMARC. I never setup since my instance is for a private workgroup and I whitelisted my mg.domain on my exchange server.

But it’s likely mailgun failure to deliver

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Not mailgun.

They say they are going through.

Then if mailgun has delivered, it’s probably gonna be an issue with recipients providers

What does that mean?

See Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install


I’ll let you know if this works, thanks!

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