Not all tags show in tags dropdown search

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When I bulk select topics, click append tags and then create a new tag that tag won’t show in the tags dropdown on /latest and the search doesn’t find the tag either. Everywhere else the tag will appear correctly.
If a tag was created “normally” and then added to many more topics with a bulk action it will rise up the ranks in the dropdown correctly.

EDIT: I now found out it’s not just bulk created tags that don’t show up in the tags dropdown, but (almost) all tags created since we enabled the tag dropdown today and also some very old tags.
Searching for these tags yields no results.
If you go to a category where one of these tags is among the most used tags then it’s displayed and possible to search for it, going back to /latest I can’t find the tag.

EDIT 2: Okay I get it now, don’t know why I was so low today: The search only works for the x tags that are displayed anyway, so in our case the top 30 tags. So I guess the solution is to increase the number of displayed tags to 999, then the search works for all tags.
Then again here also 30 tags are displayed (23 or more instances), but searching for #minio (1 instance) works.

I am not following here at all, I am able to bulk add any tag from the bulk selection tool here to topics. Even tags not in top 30


I was talking about this tags dropdown:


show filter by tag

The search within that dropdown wasn’t able to find any except the top 30 tags until we set max tags in filter list to a number higher than the number of tags we have.