Not all thin sockets being created

(Brendan) #1

I was looking at my nginx logs, and it was complaining about thin.2.sock and thin.3.sock not being available. I checked and they’re not in discourse/tmp/sockets/ … only thin.0.sock and thin.1.sock were created.

Yet, in the nginx config file, upstream defines 4 sockets (0-3). Is there somewhere else that I need to tell discourse to create the other sockets?

(Brendan) #2

Er, ok, solved my problem. When starting bluepill, NUM_WEBS was =2, which caused the problem.

NUM_WEBS=4 created all 4 sockets.

(Sam Saffron) #3

super duper extra strongly recommend moving to a docker based install, our only supported install.

We no longer use thin or bluepill

(Jeff Atwood) #4