Not Autoclosing topics published from another category

We have categories where the threads are available for posting for only 1 week, then they’re auto-closed and new topics are auto-published to the category from a hidden category.

Currently we have been setting the auto-close for each individually via the topic timer. I have tried setting the category time for an auto-close, but this apparently doesn’t work on imported / published posts.

Is there a way to do this? Am I missing something we can use?

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I think you are looking for:

But if I’m understanding your use case correctly, this might be too manual of a solution.


If we run this now, will the topics that come in tomorrow be properly auto-closed according to the category settings? Do we have to do this only once or every week?

If one run will set it permanently, it might work. Otherwise, I’m afraid it won’t be feasible.

There’s options to mass close, unlist and all the other thread options. Seems like, if auto-publish is offered for an option in order to not have to be sitting there at a particular time to publish a thread into a category, the thread should take on the attributes set by that category as well.

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Yeah, you would have to run it once a week I suppose.

Hmm, this does seem like behavior that could be improved. I don’t know if I would call it a bug as it stands, but it does seem like it would make sense to apply an auto-close timer to topics that are moved/published into categories with that set up.

I’m going to move this to the #feature category. Let see what others think!


I think that it would be expected behavior to have a thread moved into any category take on the proper attributes of that category. We have different closing options for different categories, dependant on the traffic in the category, the kind of responses generated, the span of useful information, etc. We’ve been moving those misplaced posts and resetting them manually as well (when we remember). If we forget, we end up with posts that are past their expiration date. :grin:

I personally would also love to see the ability to do all the topic timers options in bulk as well as the move, unlist, archive, etc.

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Well I think spoke too soon! This does appear to be a regression, so I will move it to #bug

I think that rake task I posted earlier should take care of bulk applying topic timers, unless they need to vary. The task will check every category for the auto-close setting, then close all topics that already exceed the set timeframe and apply an auto-close timer to any topics that do not yet have a timer and are not ready to close.


Thanks for the help here. We’re working around it, but I’m looking forward to a fix on this.

We have varying closing times for different categories, so the rake task would probably not work properly for us. I may suggest the bulk topic timers option for a new feature.

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Oh, the rake task should still cover that assuming you are setting things up using the “Auto-close topic hours” category setting. It looks at each individual category’s settings and proceeds according to the value in that setting.

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OK. Cool. I’ll talk to our Admin about whether they can manage it. If not, I’ll have to talk to the resident techie.

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OK, so, since this has been decided to be a bug, what are the chances of it being fixed in the near future? :pleading_face: I’m not trying to be snarky or pushy.We just have over a hundred weekly topics that we can publish automatically, but then have to be set to close manually every week. It would really save man-hours (or woman-hours as the case may be) if the published / moved topics would inherit the attributes of the category they were published in / move to.

We will most certainly get it fixed! I don’t have an ETA, but I don’t imagine it will be too far out. Don’t forget the rake task workaround in the mean time as it should save you a ton of time compared to manually applying a timer to each topic.