Not getting the mobile theme on Dolphin Android browser


My biggest issue that the the post editor loads in a way that hides the entire first line of text. I think because the icons for wysinwyg wrap around to another row and cover the input box. It makes it really hard to fix the frequent typo/autocorrect failures of typing on mobile devices.
(just realized I can manually fix that by turning off preview - may I suggest simply disabling preview by default on screens under 800px or whatever is the minimum required to fit the entire post editor + preview ui in without the editor being borked)

Also, the top bar doesn’t fit in my mobile screen so i can’t use the profile link, notifications icon, hamburger menu at all from in a topic. On the main topics list, I can very uselessly see only my “long name” in the top right corner. So basically, notifications are out on mobile screens that aren’t a full 1024+ resolution.

The green post #/post total is off the side of my screen as well unless I use landscape mode, which is a pain since then I can barely read any posts and half my screen on the right above the post counter bar is wasted in whitespace. Then the screen was set to not allow user-scaling, so I can’t even pinch-unzoom the thing myself to fix/see all the stuff that is off-screen.

I can scroll within the topics text, but I can’t scroll the title bar to see the menu, and the post count doesn’t move when you scroll, so all in all it’s very difficult to “use” discourse on a mobile device for anything more than just following a single topic that you’re invested in.

My latest forum... but it's not running Discourse - here's why
My latest forum... but it's not running Discourse - here's why
(Sam Saffron) #2

Some of this sounds very strange to me, what phone are you on?

On my iPhone 5s I can not even enable “preview”, is the mobile theme not being selected for you for some reason?

(Kris) #3

So it sounds like you’re not actually getting the mobile view?

There’s definitely improvement to be made on our smaller screen support either way. Right now the layout is responsive down to about 750px (which is good for most tablets)… and there’s a mobile view to cover smartphones.


Odd. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 7" variety, Dolphin Browser. It is set to “Android” user agent, so it should get the mobile view if one is being made available.

It’s resolution is 600x1024 in portrait mode I believe, where the worst problems happen, though that is usually the best view for reading long, narrow things like forum topics.


Tried switching to iPhone user agent and I get a considerably better view… are you simply ignoring all of Android entirely???

(Jeff Atwood) #6

You need to specify exactly what your device is, the OS version, and the browser in use.

Remember that we only officially support the default browser on mobile devices, and we do not support old Android (earlier than 4.1) or old iOS (earlier than iOS 6) at all.


Android 4.4.2 is the OS


I won’t leave it like this though, because then I’ll break other sites that are targeting iPhone specific features.

And I suppose your previous message means Dolphin is out and I’d have to use the terrible built-in android browser, so back to broken discourse for me I guess.

(Sam Saffron) #9

user agent string?

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Not at all, in Android 4.1+ Chrome is the default browser and it is quite good.


Mozilla/5.0 (Linux;Android 4.4.2; SM-T217S Build/KOT49H) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Chrome/ Safari/537.36


No, Android4.1+ Chrome is not good. I specifically rejected as <a bad word> and downloaded something else.

Far more pages I visit are trashed in MobileChrome (at least as of Android4.2) than Dolphin, and I like Dolphin’s UI better to boot. The most maddening “feature” in Android is when it loses my default browser setting due to some update or other and starts opening my links in MobileChrome by default again.

(Sam Saffron) #13

You should not need to do that, on the hamburger you should have a mobile view link, if we fail the detection.


Which would be great if you can see the hamburger.
I think I technically can if I keep browsing around enough and switch to landscape mode, but still?


I will try to disagree less about Mobile Chrome next time - I’d edit out the weak swear word if that’s what your problem was about, except you flagging it removes my ability to edit it.

Any way, it’s not that big of deal to me, I can see how to work around it now and just CBA to do it and don’t care enough to pursue it. Just figured I’d let you know that it is a just barely tolerable experience on Dolphin (which is a pretty popular browser…) on my Android tablet. No need to fix it if you don’t care either. If it magically starts working at some point, I’ll just count myself lucky.

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Read the automated flag PM closely, particularly the part that said “after 10 minutes”.

You can search for the term Dolphin to see problems others have had here.


Sorry, I never made it that far down the message because there is the link to the community guidelines preceding the 10 minutes before editable part, so I followed it to try to figure out what made my post flag-worthy. The closest thing I could find was the bit about not posting anything “obscene”, but I’ve not considered the particular word I used to be an obscene word since I was maybe 10. After reading the guidelines I forgot that there was more to the automated post than that link. I might have tried right-clicking to open in a new tab for reading after I finished the automated message, but right-clicking links in here is at best a 50/50 proposition so I didn’t bother. And this whole rambling section is off the main topic yet firmly on-topic as a response to a post in the topic, so perhaps that post should have been opened as a new topic to avoid the dichotomy.

Oh wait, there’s more that’s on topic so I will do my best to stay on topic too!

I searched “Dolphin” and got exactly 3 results. One is this topic. One is a problem with the header that was closed as fixed in 2013, the other is a problem with URLs in the URL bar that was also fixed in 2013 by an update to Dolphin.

(Sam Saffron) #18

We had regressions here that @awesomerobot recently improved, under what conditions is it missing.


If you’re not getting the mobile view, then the hamburger is not visible any time the horizontal resolution drops below 700px (or 710px if there is a vertical scrollbar) but stays greater than 550px. The header bar stops shrinking at 760px, so if your viewport is another 60px more narrow, it makes the profile and hamburger menu be off the screen to the right. At 550px the inner div has another CSS style that fixes the problem and makes the hamburger visible again. So changing that last responsive-on-width CSS style to happen at somewhere between 760px to 730px instead of 550px would allow the hamburger to be fully visible.

The resolution between 760 and 550 is a fairly important one. 720px and 600px are a pretty common resolution for mobile… and old blind people like the ones I work with that refuse to move off 800x600 resolution despite having 23" 1080p displays - I didn’t even know it was possible to do that… tbh, the <swear word> with them, they have opted in to not being supported by anything developed after 1999. But I think a decent number of mobile devices have 600px widths.

When I fake it into the mobile view, it all works fine of course.

(PJH) #20

It really isn’t the default browser. Certainly not on my S3 Android 4.3.

Available, yes. Default, certainly not.