Not getting two-way audio in webinar?

I was able to make webinar posts but having one issue.

The attendees are able to hear the host/panellist voice, but the host/panellists are not able to hear the attendees voice. I was able to hear two-way audio using iframe call to the webinar, but not through plugin. Is this a known issue?

This has nothing to do with the plugin, once you launch the webinar it is all on Zoom’s end, so you will want to contact them. They are having lots of technical issues at the moment due to the increased usage. It helps to hold your webinar in non-peak hours during the work week right now.


Thanks @davidkingham but I see this problem in plugin and not when I access through

<iframe src="" allow="microphone;camera" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-pointer-lock" height="265" width="700"></iframe>

I am not sure, the plugin might be using zoom webclient, which is having some problem lately.