Not like Anspress, SabaiDiscuss

(Rohit Manglik) #1

I invested last few days in comparing all Discussion platforms. Though I loved Discourse, I still have following integration queries.

  1. In Wordpress can we integrate whole topic as a page. Whatever I understood till now, we can integrate Discourse only as comments but not as a complete page.

  2. Shortcodes - Do we have any Wordpress Shortcodes to put any particular post or list all posts of that category in the site.

  3. Profile - In our website we already have a few tabs, can we integrate those tabs and Discourse tabs in one.

  4. Widgets - Do we have any WP widgets (or any easy way to create them). e.g. Latest Posts, Most reputation etc.

  5. Integration with current theme as SabaiDiscuss, Anspress etc. I.e. w/o redirecting to another site for everything. Till now I understood that Wordpress and Discourse can work as two different engines. Discourse cannot work inside Wordpress (as SabaiDiscuss, Anspress etc do). Am I understanding the functionality correctly?