Not receiving activation email after registeration?

Hello Team Discourse,

I am using Discourse for my website, and am very new to this in technical point.
I have been using this for more than 3 years not faced any issue, but now I am having 2 problems.

Problem 1: New user registration activation email

  1. Whenever any new user is trying to signup their account is getting created but they are not able to receive the account activation email.


Problem 2: Existing user not able to reset the password
2. When an existing user forgot the password and trying to reset they are also not receiving the email to reset the password.

What could be the problem?

I am Using SendGrid as my Mail Delivery.

Thank You

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Check your logs at I tried to create an account on your site. Can you find the email in one of the Sent, Skipped, Bounced, Received, or Rejected tabs?


Hello Daniela,

Thank you for your response here is the screenshot of my log files

When I check for Email, am not able to see that as well in any of these(Sent,Skipped,Bounced,Received, or Rejected tabs)

Thank you

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Looking at the Sent tab, when were the last emails sent?


Here is the sent tab, In the below image it is showing 1 day, but we have not received any of the email to that email

(image deleted)

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Search inside the staff logs if you (or other admins) have changed any relevant site settings on October 17th. If not follow Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install.

It is also possible that something has changed recently in your email provider and that you need to update or change some settings directly on Sendgrid.

PS: I deleted the image above since there were visible email addresses


We have not made any changes in the settings either in the discourse nor in the Sendgrid. We are using Sendgrid for another set of things at that place it is working fine without having any issue.
Thank you for deleting the image.

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In any case, can we check where my discourse is installed? like on which server or either using any third party application. Where can I check these things

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You should be able to trace the server you use with a simple IP check, for example IP Address and Domain Information - Chrome Web Store or similar tools.