Not receiving daily digest or notification emails

(Thomas Calhoun) #1

Let me just say I love the simplicity of setting up discourse as a stand-alone installation. But, can anyone help me figure out why I’m not receiving digest emails or notification emails? Again, I’ve a stand-alone implementation but I hope that doesn’t preclude me or members of my community from receiving email notifications. My apologies if this is a simple fix; I am new to discourse.

Also, it’d be great if I could get help with personal messaging.


(Sam) #2

Are you active on your standalone site? Digest emails are only sent out while inactive. Same for email notifications, unless you have the “even when I am active on the site” box checked (you don’t).

If you go to your admin menu and then to the Emails tab, then the Skipped tab within that, you can see what notification emails are being skipped due to activity.

(this is all assuming email is set up correctly on your forum, granted)