Not receiving notification emails

Hi Team,

As of 9th March, 2021, I as a admin in the community, i’m not receiving notification emails from the community.

Could you please check and let us know or share pointers to figure out what has happened?

Thanks in advance


If you’re self hosted then you should start by looking at your mail delivery service logs. And see that your account is in good standing.


The “Mailing List Mode” option seems to have disappeared from the preferences menu. Please advise - many of my group’s members use this function exclusively.


@Ranjan and @Jessica_Schreiber, a change to mailing list mode was made a few days ago. Do see “mailing list mode” mysteriously deactivated it has been discussed there.

Can you follow the steps there Ranjan to see if it resolves your issues? If it doesn’t, do let us know.

Have you checked the admin preferences to make sure it hasn’t been disabled there somehow?

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I checked here and it looks like this

Uncheck it? is that the solution. It will trigger or stop email notifications so i dont want to rush into any random step. Please let me know.

I mean to make sure that you configure the mail service to use the email address that you enter when you run discourse setup. It defaults to