Not receiving verification mails

I don’t know what is wrong with my mail servers. I did run ./discourse-doctor and send out a test mail to myself which I received perfectly fine just nothing wrong. My verification on the other hand just gets lost. I don’t receive it somehow. Is there any explanation for this issue? Thank you!


What is your mail provider? Is there any information in the logs?


There’s nothing showing up in the logs, I’m using sendgrid to send my emails. The weird thing is that test emails do get through

If I was uncharitable, then I would interpret your response as “literally nothing ever shows up in the sendgrid logs, regardless of success or failure.” That seems unlikely, however.

You need to give us more information, or we will be unable to help. There’s a whole topic on troubleshooting email that you can look at.

Do the discourse logs say the emails are sent successfully?


Hi @JensH … I think I may understand your problem, if that is it’s identical to my earliest foray.

You can send a test email successfully, and gives you very good if not top marks. Awesome.

Are you then going to change your personal profile email address, from to whatever your email address might be? If so, then Discourse tells you an email has been sent. But it is far from clear that this email is going to the original email address rather than the one you’d like to register. The copy here could definitely be improved!

If this rings a bell, go to SendGrid_Suppressions_Invalid and check to see if it has tried and inevitably failed to send one or more emails to

If I have guessed right, the way to change the initial user’s email address is recommended by @pfaffman here. Or here for a Bitnami instance.