Not seeing close button in popups

(Durga Viswanath Gadiraju) #1

I am not able to see close button in popups on our website
Can you guys suggest what need to be done?

(Joe) #2

One of the unofficial plugins you have installed is causing the issue. Disabling all unofficial plugins in safe mode seems to resolve it.

Read more about safe-mode here:

(Durga Viswanath Gadiraju) #3

Thank you. How to get the details about unofficial plugins?

(Joe) #4

You can look at the URL of the plugin repository.

Also, official plugins have checkmarks next to their names in the admin interface:

(Durga Viswanath Gadiraju) #5

Yes, I realized it after my last reply. I did not notice it before.
I apologize any inconvenience caused or being naive.