Not sending Mandrill emails due to "SMTPAuthenticationError"

(Steven Slade) #1

I currently see this error message in the dashboard:

Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse:
There are 181 email jobs that failed. Check your app.yml and ensure that the mail server settings are correct. See the failed jobs in Sidekiq.

I check Sidekiq and it is this error over and over:

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::SMTPAuthenticationError: 435 4.7.8 Error: authentication failed:

I have not messed with app.yml file or any email settings recently. I am running v1.6.0.beta1. Help!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Did you verify the credentials are still working? It is not uncommon for email providers to start rejecting you if you are doing things they don’t like.

(Steven Slade) #3

I am using Mandrill and this is on their website, I was not aware until now. This most definitely seems like the reason.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes, see Switching Your Discourse from Mandrill to Mailgun

(Matt) #5

They made this change this week. Based on the emails they were sending me if you didn’t merge your account with a paid Mailchimp account by 28th April, your Mandrill account would be deleted. I went with Sendgrid and it was very easy to setup with Discourse.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #6

You might want to ensure that you’re able to receive email notifications of service changes from your email service provider :slight_smile: