Not showing ads in discourse 2.5.0.beta2

Hello guys how are u ?

We have a little issue with google adsense. Let me explain…

We have the pluging for google ads (github official), and we configure the discourse settings.

On the adsense topic list top code, we put the ad code from adsense
On adsense mobile topic list top code we put the ad code from adsense

But after hours we never show ads pop… BUT somes user have ads ! wtf ?

Do we miss somes configuration ???

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It’s up to Google to decide whether to show an ad to a specific user, or not. Google will sometimes choose to render a blank space. The plugin is doing its job, but can’t do anything else.


Hi Neil,

Ok but we have a little black out because we migrate our forum discourse. Today we went online and before we have like 2 or 3 pub at every F5 pages and for everyone.

We have 10k users per day, and only 18 “impression”… wtf ?

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You need to ask Google. The ad plugin doesn’t care whether you migrated your forum, had a black out period, etc. This is the wrong place to ask questions about Google’s algorithms.

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You need to wait at least a few days before concluding this is not working. Ask Google!

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