Notfication level when the topic author posts a reply

Hi guys,

First of all, sorry if my post isn’t in the good category. I have created a discourse board based on stories which talked about game.

I would like to know if it’s possible to customize the notification level below.

I explain what i want. It’s pretty simple i would like to know if i can create a special notification level on the topics for allow the visitor to receive notification when the author of the thread post a new episode. An evolution of Watching level by the way.

Seems possible ?

Thanks by advance guys. And sorry if the answer is already known.

You don’t want to be notified if anyone else replies to the topic, only the topic owner?

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exact :slight_smile:

i would like to have a notification level to notify followers of the thread only when the topic owner post a new message.

No such notification method is planned or on any of our future roadmaps at the moment.

It might make more sense to create a category where only approved authors can post, but anyone can read. Then by definition every reply in the topic is by an approved author.


it’s a pity but i understand.

No possible to create a special category cause this idea would break the interaction between author and follower.

thanks mate.