Nothing happens when i try to publish a topic

when i try to create topic nothing happens like it freezes and nothing happens.

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How did you create this topic if you can’t create a topic?

I mean when i write my content ( in my forum ) and want to publish it by clicking “ create topic “ , nothing happens.

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Are you admin and able to check settings? If not then it is difficult to tell.

  • Maybe read only mode is enabled. Or it is enabled for backups only: Enable read only mode while taking a backup?
  • Is Minimum number of tags required in a topic set for the category and you haven’t added enough tags?
  • Is a plug-in causing this problem? It has happened before e.g. Cannot create new topics (already disabled plugins)

Can you add posts in an existing topic or edit a topic and save the changes? If you are admin can you edit a category description topic?

I wonder if this could happen if Digital Ocean, or whoever your hosting service is, having problems with your droplet/VPS and they’ve prevented writes to the database?

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Are there any JavaScript errors in your browser’s console when you hit the Create Topic button?

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None, there is no error

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Is your Discourse up to date? Have you tried safe mode?