Notification email query

(Jason) #1

Hi guys,

We’re on the one-time install package and having difficulty setting up notification email. Currently receiving the following error under ‘Skipped’ tab:

[Sender] 554 The domain is unverified and requires DNS configuration. Log in to your control panel to view required DNS records.

Is there a Laymans guide to setting the email SPF, DKIM and reverse PTR records set (for a non-tech guy!)

Appreciate any guidance.

(Jason) #3

Hey Regis,

Thanks for the prompt response - Ok so we’ve correctly configured the DNS and run the checks to confirm setup is correct - but i’m still receiving the previous ‘554’ error when I send an invite!

I have updated the ‘Notification email’ to ‘’ (which is a working address) rather than the

Any thoughts? Many thanks.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Sorry the link @zogstrip provided earlier is incorrect so I deleted it from this topic. Follow the instructions you were provided in email for the self supported install. Use the Mailgun help and DNS tester.