Notification emails not sent to who is watching the topic

(Domenico Rutigliano) #1

Hello everyone,

I spent lots of hours with my sys admin to figure out why the email are not sent to whoever is watching a topic and we cannot come up with a conclusion.

We do have the original user - sysadmin who was setup originally, who is getting all the notifications,

but we cannot make the other users who are watching as specific topic to get notified once someone comment to the topic or if someone add a new topic to the category.

Can anyone please help us ?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

What does Admin, Email, Sent say?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #3

What version of Discourse are you running?
Have you added any plugins?

(Domenico Rutigliano) #4

Hi Allen,

we are running Discourse 1.6.0.beta10 and we do not have any plugin

(Domenico Rutigliano) #5

Hi Allen,

I hope you had a good time during the weekend,

I wonder if you can help me about my issue with discourse because our
customer is pushing us to have this fixed and I cant figure out how to fix

The problem is that Users are watching topics are not receiving
notifications by emails.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #6

There was a major change to how Watching works here

My guess would be to update to latest, and have a test user un-watch, then watch a category, and see if it’s fixed.

(Domenico Rutigliano) #7

Hi Allen, when you say We have recently recompiled the Discourse because we
got the configuration updated. Discourse should download the latest version
any time we do it right ?

I do have already setup the test user and tried to watch topics but I am
not receiving email. Also the log are not showing any email trigged.
However the sysadmin user is receiving all the emails from Discourse in any

(Sam Saffron) #8

See the user setting “Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site” you probably want to tick that.

(Domenico Rutigliano) #9

I do receive If someone respond to my message or use @username mentioning
me, but if I set Watching on a specific Topic I am not receiving
notification. Am I missing anything ?

Thanks Sam for your tips I checked it out ant that box was already ticked

(Sam Saffron) #10
  1. Make sure you are running latest Discourse
  2. Wait up to 10 minutes for the notification, notifications do not happen right away
  3. Look at “Sent”, “Skipped”, “Bounced” tabs in admin emails

(Domenico Rutigliano) #11

Hi Sam, before ask help to you guys I spent hours with my sys admin
collegue to check logs while trigging events etc. The Watching feature is
not working at all and yes we know about the delay in email notification
looks like the watching feature is not working at all. Is it supposed to
send an email ?

(Sam Saffron) #12

Perhaps debugging through these issues is not something that is of value to your organisation, if we hosted you we could easily debug these kind of issues for you.

If you are self hosted you need to do the footwork and need to give us repros, otherwise there is nothing we can fix.

(Raj Kumar) #13

Despite hours and hours of R&D on this topic, I did not find a proper answer. Could some one please help me out here. Re-iterating the problem statement.

How to get an email notification when any user has raised a topic/post under any category.

Thanks in Advance!

(Régis Hanol) #14

Did you do any Development? :wink:

Have you tried enabling the “mailing list mode”?

(Raj Kumar) #15

Thank you @zogstrip for a quick response.

You mean to say in Settings --> User Preferences --> disable mailing list mode --> Disallow users from enabling mailing list mode

Do you want me to tick the above setting??

(Régis Hanol) #16

Hmmm :thinking:

Do you want to receive emails for any topics/posts created or do you want your users to receive emails for any topics/posts created?

For the former, you need to enable mailing list mode in /my/preferences/emails.
For the latter, you need to enable the “default email mailing list mode” site setting (note: it’ll only work for new users, it’s not retroactive)

(Raj Kumar) #17

I want to assign a user to each category, for example

Let’s assume we have 3 categories

  1. Cat-1
  2. Cat-2
  3. Cat-3

I want to assign 3 users(User-1, User-2, User-3) to each category respectively.
so whenever any user, let’s say user-4 creates a topic under Cat-1, then User-1 has to get an email notification saying user-4 has raised so and so topic under his Category i.e
So, if I am user-1(an SME of Cat-1) then I must get a notification when user-4 creates a topic.

I hope now you are clear with my requirement.

For the former, you need to enable mailing list mode in /my/preferences/emails .
Could you please elaborate more on this?

(Kane York) #18

Have each user set the category to “Watching” on the /c/something page.

“Watching” is the blue circle with a :exclamation: inside.

(Raj Kumar) #19

First things first!
For a user to set his category to “Watching”, he must be an admin. – This can be done by me…

May I know what should be done next to meet my need?

(Kane York) #20

Huh? No, this is a per-user setting. The admin setting is to have all new users watch a category.