Notification menu: User with many unread notifications is shown random assortment each time she accesses the menu

(Tobias Eigen) #1

This is the last bit of feedback from a convo I had with a member of my community who is confused by the notification menu. Placing it in support because it’s probably an intended feature that I am just not understanding and need to have explained to me so I can pass it on to her. :slight_smile:

She was sharing her screen and showing me what happens when she selects notifications on the notification menu. She had hundreds of notifications (both green and blue) and was trying to systematically work her way through them. Weirdly, each time she clicked on an unread notification to for example read a message or post she was mentioned in, and then clicked on the notification menu again, the list of available notifications was completely different.

This is not what I see myself - I keep up with my notifications so I just see the ~10 most recent notifications on that menu.

Aside from the fact that this is probably not the intended/best use of the notification menu, it still seems weird to me that she would see different notifications each time she clicks the notification menu, and I can understand why she would be very confused and not know what to do. Given that she also uses email to participate, I advised her to just dismiss all the notifications and start fresh.

What’s going on here? Is discourse just trying to encourage her to read random old messages and posts?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

PM notifications have a higher priority when unread in the notification menu then other notifications. This is liekly what you were seeing.

Here’s an example. Let’s assume the following actions happen on the site:

9:00 AM: Post A is liked.
9:10 AM: PM 1 is replied to.
9:15 AM: PM 2 is replied to.
9:20 AM: User mentioned.
9:30 AM: User quoted.

When the user logs in at 9:45 AM and view their notifications, they will not be in that order. Instead they will see:

PM 2 reply (unread - highlighted)
PM 1 reply (unread - highlighted)
User quoted (unread - highlighted)
User Mentioned (unread - highlighted)
Post A liked. (unread - highlighted)

Now, this user opens PM 2. When the return to the menu, they’ll see this:

PM 1 reply (unread - highlighted)
User quoted (unread - highlighted)
User Mentioned (unread - highlighted)
PM 2 reply (read - not highlighted)
Post A liked. (unread - highlighted)

Does this make sense?

(Tobias Eigen) #3

whoa - that’s impressive juggling you are doing there. It does make sense, especially when you consider that this user had hundreds of unread PM notifications. That probably also explains there was some blinking of the notification bubbles while it was figuring out what the latest situation is.

Perhaps it’s best to only do this prioritization of PMs for fairly recent PMs, e.g. in the last day? Anything that’s a week or month or years old should just be in chronological order, no?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Thanks! There’s a reason I only used 5 notifications in my example, and checked it twice :smiley:.

That would be a #ux request. If you feel strongly about this I’d suggest creating a topic for this, or editing your OP and title here.