Notification options

(Michelle Wu) #1

2 questions about automatically notifying users:

  1. When a user is participating in a forum topic, is there a way to send a notification to everyone, rather than allowing them to choose the type of notification (watching, tracking, regular, muted)

  2. is there a way to send a mass notification to all Forum users?


Make members of a group watch a category by default
(Jeff Atwood) #2
  1. Not at this time. It might be kind of a dangerous ability. You can of course @name mention everyone in the topic if the number of participants is reasonable.

  2. This can be done using the Discourse API, the main UI equivalent is the banner topic which appears on all pages when bannered.

Automated messages
(Luke S) #3

Query on #1: Why would you want to do this? I’d think that such an option would reduce notifications to meaningless background noise.

(Sam Saffron) #4

So you have a topic with 1000 participants, 500 of them explicitly said they only want to be notified when they are @ mentioned or replied to, 400 are ignoring the topic and 100 are notified anyway whenever anyone replies.

An you are asking for a magical override that allows you to trivially @mention 500 users? If they care about replies to the topic that much they would track or watch the topic.

(Mittineague) #5

I have tried thinking of reasons why I might want such a feature.

The only thing I could think of is if I had some kind of major “Global Announcement” that I didn’t want others to miss seeing.
And Pinning a topic has that covered.

(Michelle Wu) #6

This is why we asked about it. We want everyone who participated in the topic (contest) to be informed of the finalists. Many times users will submit their playlists to the topic but aren’t updated because they’ve opted out of “watching”

(Michelle Wu) #7

@codinghorror can you tell me how I can go about getting #2 done? I want to have a clear idea of what to ask our developers to do before asking them.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Sure, you’d write server-side Ruby on Rails code that loops through all the users, gathers their email, and sends each one an email.

You can also export all the user info as CSV via the built in UI in /admin/users and upload that file to a mass mailing service if that is easier.

'we miss you' email to members
(Michelle Wu) #9

So writing the Ruby on Rails code would notify users on Forums through Forums itself and exporting user info as CSV would require us to use another mailing service?

(Andrea Slobodien) #10

Hi Jeff, thanks for your help. What’s the easiest way to send a forums message to all users who participate in forums? This might be a better solution than emailing all users.

(Kane York) #11

Try a bannered topic or a globally pinned topic.