Notifications are not displayed in the App


The notifications from the demo site only show within the Discourse mobile app and not in android notifications.

Until I open the App I do not see if I have any notice.

A greeting

Could someone please help me?

I’m moderator in a forum and until I open the app I do not know if I have answers

This isn’t a bug, AFAIK in-app notifications are only supported for hosted customers. Unless you’re hosted by the team here you shouldn’t expect notifications from the app.

It’s why you didn’t receive a response - nothing is broken, there aren’t any bugs.

Android live notifications on the other hand do work.

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The notification of your answer if it is seen in the app without opening it :+1:

I will try to configure it as discussed in that link to see if they notify me.

I will be warning :grinning:

Thank you very much for the reply.