Notifications for mentioning invited users in PM

Quick question: when I @-mention a user who has been invited to a PM but has not yet accepted the invitation, will that user be notified about the mention? (The mention occurs in the PM “topic”).

Long story: another user sent me a PM with a question that I cannot answer myself. So I invited the user who knows the answer but she did not join the PM. So after a few days, I thought it’s time to respond to the original PM so I said something like “Thanks for the question. Let’s see what @xyz has to say about that”, thinking that was a clever way to nudge xyz. But now I realize that she probably won’t even be notified…

From what I can see once you have invited them it just shows up like someone has sent you a PM - I don’t believe they need to accept the invitation as such.

With that if you then mention the user - it will show up like a normal @ notification.