Notifications issue on android mobile

No body is able receive any Notifs on his android mobile, even if ‘Live Notifs’ have been enabled in the Webapp and all permissions are ‘Allowed’ from the chrome browser.

Problem mentioned/Details found on this post.

Tell me the cost of this and we can move ahead.

Check this Topic before jumping to any paid solution: Android live notifications are now in core!

Perhaps there is a genuine support issue to be addressed?

Also take a look at alternatives, just in case:

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Thanks, but there seems to be some problem on my forum somewhere. Only Nokia model mobiles are able to receive these push notifs but no other Android phone is receiving the same.

Have your users successfully installed the forum as a web app? Refer to that topic I link for minimum requirements. Android phones are notorious for not being served with updates. Nokia is a healthy exception.

I would consider replying to that topic with your concerns.

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I highly appreciate.

I, and my users, have installed the webapp from chrome browser (‘Add to Home Screen’ option).

And thereafter, from the shortcut created on Mobile’s desktop, we open the Webapp, and without needing to go into user profile/preferences, a small banner notification in the top area asks the user to ‘Enable Live Notifs’, which we click and then a prompt appears to ‘Allow’ the same, which we do.

And then we send a direct msg to that very user1 from another account/login, User2 (to produce a forcible Notif). But this user1 doesn’t receive any notif. Even on PC/desktop, the Notifs arrive for any user, only if FF browser tab is open.

Note: Meta app, which has been setup in the same way, is able to send me Notifs on my personal android mobile. But, even Meta is not able to send me any Notifs when I’m sitting on PC/desktop, if Meta isn’t open in any tab of the Firefox browser.

I’ve found this much that:
I receive Push Notifs on my android mobile from Meta forum/app. (That means there is nothing wrong with my mobile).
I also have found that my own forum’s push notifs are successfully delivered to Android mobiles that have Android V9+ (I’ve tested it on Nokia and Oppo’s latest models).

But when it comes to receiving push notifs on my android (non-Nokia or Oppo brand) mobile, from my forum, then something gets broken in between.

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